Technology develops at a very fast pace and the rate of progress is exponential. Since VCTeck provides technical services it is essential that we remain current with industry technology so that we remain ahead of our competitors. In order to remain up-to-date with industry developments VCTeck participates in research and development that contributes to achieving new findings. VCTeck has collaborated with Canadian universities and has participated in research collaborations and has carried out independent research for many research programs. VCTeck provide a wide range of service in industrial research or case studies. We also offer innovative technology transfer courses.


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We are often asked questions regarding advanced modeling or results interpretation. As this type of query falls outside of our technical support options, we are introducing the service as an advanced level of customer support.

We offer a range of Standardized Workshops that cover areas in rock and soil slope stability, finite element modeling, settlement and consolidation and 3D stress analysis. Training materials and temporary versions of software are provided for all

VCTeck can provide Customized Workshops, either at our office or at your location. These workshops emphasize particular areas of interest, a particular project, or combinations of software not included in our Standardized Workshops.

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VCTeck has a number of different training options, depending on your needs and budget. From standard workshops, to Expert Modeling for a specific model, we have a number of options from which to choose.

Our instructors are experts in the fields and are invited from the leading companies in Canada such as Rocscience Inc, Golder Associate and from the top Canadian universities such as University of Toronto or McGill University.
For more information on any training option, or to request a quote for a particular training service, please Contact Us.

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