Finite element groundwater seepage analysis is incorporated directly into Slide, RS2, and RS3. This allows you to analyze groundwater flow through dams,

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Virtually any type of underground or surface excavation can be modeled using the Rocscience software, 

Settlement of foundations and surface loads can be analyzed using Settle3D, RS2, or RS3. 

Embankments can be modeled using Slide, RS2, RS3, or Settle3D.
Slide, RS2, and RS3 can be used to analyze embankment stabilit


Stability and support requirements of retaining walls can be analyzed using Slide, RS2, or RS3. A variety of wall types and support systems can be modeled

Earth or embankment dam stability can be analyzed using Slide, RS2, or RS3. Slide offers limit equilibrium stability analysis, 


Slope Stability

Rocscience software has a long association with mining applications. Nearly all programs can be applied in the analysis of mining excavations. 

Slope stability analysis software is a major focus of research and development at Rocscience. The programs encompass soil and rock slope stability,



Tunneling is one of the most important applications for RocScience software - from preliminary design to detailed analysis of complex tunnel support systems. 





Analysis of rockfall risk on slopes can be carried out with the program RocFall.

Retaining Walls

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