RocData is a versatile toolkit for the analysis of rock and soil strength data, and the determination of strength envelopes and other physical parameters.

RS3 is a brand new program for 3D analysis of geotechnical structures for civil and mining applications




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Examine3D is an engineering analysis program for underground excavations in rock.

​​​​Dips is an unique program used for graphical and statistical analysis of orientation data

RocSupport is an easy-to-use software tool for estimating deformation in circular or near circular excavations in weak rock and visulization of the tunnel interaction with various support systems.

Unwedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities.


RS2 (Phase2 9.0) is a powerful 2D finite element program for soil and rock applications (RS2 = Rock and Soil 2-dimensional analysis program).

Tunneling is one of the most important applications for RocScience software - from preliminary design to detailed analysis of complex tunnel support systems. 

A wide spectrum of problems can be analyzed, including tunneling in soft ground, tunneling in jointed rock, near surface cut and cover, and deep tunnels in yielded rock.